Legal Services in Canonsburg, PA

Kusturiss, Wolf & Kusturiss provides legal services in a broad range of categories. We believe that everybody deserves fair and equal legal treatment, and we will always strive to help you with your situation. We make sure to hear out your case in order to fight for the best results possible.

Family Law

Family law can be a sensitive matter, and our law firm is equipped to provide our clients with the attention to detail they need to get the desired results. We provide legal services for all aspects of family law, including issues such as custody ... Read more

Injury Law

If you have suffered an injury, your entire way of life may become compromised. You might not even be able to work again. When that happens, you will want financial and legal redress. Contact us to learn more.

Criminal Law

A criminal offense can leave a permanent black mark on your record, which can affect every aspect of your life. When you contact our law firm, you will improve your chances of having a clean record. We will always pay ... Read more