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These web pages are dedicated to assisting participants involved in court cases within the three (3) divisions of the Court of Common Pleas of Washington County, Pennsylvania. Included within this portal are links for court case and docket lookup, local rules and procedures, procedural court forms, links to the three (3) recording office divisions and legal resource links.
Welcome to the Greene County Common Pleas Court General Division website! We, the judges of the Common Pleas Court are proud of our efforts as public servants to secure, fair, efficient and impartial justice for all under the laws of Ohio.
Our website's mission is to provide you continuous and convenient access to Court information and services. In addition to a wealth of information concerning court structure, personnel and operations, interested parties will find case scheduling information, local rules, annual reports and much more. Further, our jury home page allows prospective jurors the convenience of completing necessary qualification and deferral requests online avoiding the costs and delays of mailing forms.